Collaborative Law

collaborative practiceCollaborative Law is a new path to respectful resolution. Welcome to the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group’s home page. The NJCLG offers a structured process that provides an alternative to going to Court. Our group consists of experienced family lawyers, specifically trained mental health practioners, and qualified financial specialists. We believe that these three areas of expertise can all work together to help divorcing families’ transition through a difficult and emotional time.

Collaborative Law is based upon three principles:
A pledge not to go to Court.
An honest and open exchange of information between both spouses.
Solutions that address the needs and concerns of all family members.

Collaborative Law allows each person to obtain their own lawyer while staying committed to resolving disputes respectfully.

This alternate dispute model for resolution allows for more support than a traditional mediation. When emotional issues arise from the uncoupling process, the divorce coaches can help the team, the couple, and ultimately the family transition in a constructive and problem solving framework. If there are child specific concerns, the children’s voices can be heard through a child specialist. The neutral financial specialist helps the whole family by reviewing the finances through a lens of protecting all members’ interests. Our collaborative divorce professionals are committed to resolving conflict in a collaborative manner and are dedicated to helping all clients achieve amicable settlements with all interests being represented. We are dedicated to providing dignity, respect, and thoughtful decisions for all families. We welcome you to review our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions. We thank you for your time.

Ever since its inception in the 1980′s, the Collaborative Law movement has spread rapidly to most of the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. More than 22,000 lawyers have been trained in Collaborative Law worldwide and than 1,250 lawyers have completed their training in England and Wales where Collaborative Law was launched in 2003.